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10 Black Clover Characters That Would Make Great Pokémon Masters

The wizards of Black Clover all have their own strengths and capabilities some of which are equally suited to being a Pokémon trainer.

Although the overall setting and themes of Black Clover and Pokémon lead to some huge differences between their tones similar traits exist between the many of the core characters in each series. Both successful Pokémon Trainers and successful Wizards must display courage determination and empathy on a regular basis so it is not a stretch of the imagination to think that some Black Bulls and their affiliates would make excellent Pokémon handlers.While the magical attributes featured in Black Clover vastly outnumber the various Pokémon types there is an undeniable overlap between them that could also lead to some synergy between the two parties. In particular a few Wizards stand out as great prospects for becoming a Pokémon Master.Vanessa despite her borderline alcoholic tendencies is surprisingly well equipped to transition into becoming a Pokémon Trainer. Even though she lacks the discipline of some of her peers the talented witch has repeatedly shown her personability and dedication to fighting for what is right.

Vanessas relationship with her companion the Red Thread of Fate is a bit different from the dynamic between a Pokémon trainer and their Pokémon. But her fondness for the cat going as far as to name it Rouge bodes well for her transition to the world of the Pokémon League.As the leader of the elves no one in Black Clover is more attached to natural mana than the bearer of the Four Leaf Grimoire Licht. Given the depiction of the majority of the series elves and his attunement with the natural world order Licht was almost certainly adept at relating to and taking care of animals.In addition to this Lichts resolve to unite the worlds of elves and humans although he ultimately fails speaks to his desire to make the lives of those around him better. Using Ash Ketchums journey as a point of reference this is a trait that will launch a trainer towards Pokémon League success.

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