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Vanessa Hudgens Looks Dreamy In Bikini

High School Musical alum Vanessa Hudgens served up summer gorgeousness on her Europe trip about two weeks before hosting the MTV Movie and TV Awards. The actress painted Rome and Paris red with her sister Stella as they went from one exclusive fashion show to the prestigious AmFar Gala.The actress is also crowned the Queen of Coachella by the public, and considering her creative summer style, it’s only a matter of time before she takes the crown for Summer!

Hudgens wore a black bikini barely visible underneath her bright orange knitted cover-up maxi dress. However, the wide holes left fans with a teasing view of the actress’ toned abs and shiny skin.She paired the summery outfit with a black headband pushing her black curly hair back, hoop earrings, and black slippers. She stepped out for a sunny picture, using the greenery in her hotel as a fitting backdropDuring Coachella, she wore a similar combo but traded the maxi length for a mini dress and wool for rhinestones. Hudgens paired her chainmail cover-up with a T-shaped black swimwear complimenting her chunky combat boots.

She also let her hair down in tiny curls and heavily accessorized her look with clear-framed sunglasses, ring chain choker, and accessories. In one slide, she added a curved-brim cowgirl hat and crossbody satchel to her outfit as she raised a can of Cali Water into the air.Fans keep debating whether Hudgens is making a career switch because of her multiple hosting gigs this year, but she shut down the rumors with a new announcement. She lent her voice to Kenya Barris and Kid Cudi’s new animated series Entergalactic. However, even though the animation is set for Netflix this year, there’s no exact date for its release.

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