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Trust Me: These Jennifer Garner-Approved Sneakers Are Absurdly Comfortable

Considering the bleak news of transphobic and fascist acts in some states its nice to see celebrities voicing their support of the queer community this Pride month. Earlier this week Jennifer Garner took it public by wrapping a few trees in rainbow colors while wearing a pair of shoes I can personally confirm are very comfortable.

Behind the design is Hoka One One the sneaker brand thats also been seen on celebrities like Britney Spears Reese Witherspoon Katie Holmes and Cameron Diaz. Garner wore the brands baby blue Bondi 7 the same colorway I own which is a fun mix of powder blue turquoise and white with orange accents. As someone who has tried dozens of supportive shoes I have struggled to find a pair that does not look bulky. But these are so cute and spring like I have been wearing them on repeat the last few months. The memory foam sole is one of the brands most cushioned and this specific iteration along with a few more of Hokas designs has earned the American Podiatric Medical Associations Seal of Acceptance this checks out my podiatrist is always wearing them. I may not understand exactly how the brand created sneakers so comfy but regardless I appreciate Hoka for letting me walk around in shoes that feel supportive but not heavy.

The firm sides are also nice especially if you have weak ankles. Honestly I have not found a con to them yet other than the price tag. Despite that at Zappos the Bondi 7 style has earned a solid four star rating from over 8,000 reviews. One comes from a fan who said they work in nursing and wear the shoes for 12 to -hour shifts on their feet after trying every kind of shoe known to man they found these to be the only ones that worked for their plantar fasciitis and high arches. Other fans are likewise pleased. A different reviewer wrote that the shoes put a spring in my step to such a degree they now look forward to walking. A self described dog walker too gave the sneakers a glowing review, as did someone who considers themselves a Goldilocks shopper.

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