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Swiss Army Man’s Script Was Enough To Make Daniel Radcliffe Take A Leap Of Faith

If theres an upside to actors making their name under the banner of a successful franchise, it’s that once they are done they have usually secured enough of a payday that they can be more selective about the projects they choose. Robert Pattinson Good Time and Kristen Stewart of the Future have long escaped the shadow of Twilight and are now starring in some of the best films of any given year. The same can be said for Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe who no longer needs to associate himself with the sinking ship of the Wizarding World and can just roll with fun projects like The Lost City upcoming Weird The Weird Al Yankovic Story and most importantly Swiss Army Man.

In the event you have somehow forgotten the bonkers premise of this movie Swiss Army Man stars Paul Dano The Batman as Hank a marooned survivor who has about to unalive himself. But alas his salvation appears in the form of Radcliffes Manny an inquisitive corpse with little filter whose body can be used for all sorts of unique purposes such as harnessing the turbine of his farts in order to be ridden like a jet ski. And thats the first scene of the movie Swiss Army Man” is ultimately a love story about a sad man and his new friend learning to love and celebrate their bodies and the many ways in which they can be useful amid the domineering constraints of societal norms. In the wrong hands this could have come across as purely juvenile but Radcliffe knew he was about to embark on a special experience with the Daniels.

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