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RHOBH ‘s Diana Jenkins Shuts Down “Ridiculous” Sex Trafficking and Madam Rumors

Diana Jenkins may be new to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but she has been a part of the Hollywood scene for years something that as she revealed on the June 8 episode of the Bravo series .

According to the newcomer her life in the limelight took a turn for the worse in 2009. That year Diana released Room 23 a photography centric coffee table book featuring several provocative and intimate images of stars like Lindsay Lohan Ashanti and even RHOBHs very own Lisa Rinna. The problem Diana explained was that nefarious allegations began circulating about her and the books intention.The show then projected a screengrab of a 2012 Jezebel article that picked up a gossip blog blind item speculating that Diana was running a secret call girl ring the story read. There were also mentions of Room 23 being according to the Jezebel piece a catalogue of clients and call girls.

Its very very dangerous. Diana said of the accusations. All you need to do is leak a bunch of fake rumors and you can actually destroy somebodys life.While the Neuro Brands CEO contained to ruminate on the painful time an RHOBH producer cheekily asked So you are not an international sex trafficker and madam of high class prostitutes?As Diana responded with a laugh Its honestly so ridiculous that I can not even believe actually that it caught on.But eventually truth prevailed she added. Its just difficult to discuss which is why she says she shut the conversation down on the latest RHOBH episode when Lisa brought it up.

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