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Pretty Little Liars: The Best Quote In Each Season

The teen mystery Pretty Little Liars has unforgettable quotes. Every season has a few lines that sum up the heart of the action or make fans laugh.With the reboot of Pretty Little Liars airing on HBO Max in the summer of 2022, fans are curious how Original Sin will compare to the OG show. Viewers hope that the new series will have just as many fast-paced moments, characters with big secrets, and great quotes. When fans rewatch PLL and see how the pieces of the mystery come together, some lines of dialogue and jokes stick out in every season.

From the liars talking about how to finally find out who A is to Emily making a shocking comment about being stuck in the dollhouse, there are some intense and unforgettable quotes on Pretty Little Liars that show why it’s so beloved.Ali DiLaurentis’s friend group disperses once she disappears from Rosewood, and when the series opens, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery, and Hanna Marin think that Ali has passed away. They’re each trying to focus on high school life and family problems while wondering if they’ll ever learn what happened to their friend and group leader.Spencer’s unforgettable, intense, and haunting quote stands out the most in season 1, as she admits that she feels Ali’s presence and still is being tormented by the secrets that Ali used to hold over her head.

Every PLL season has great friendships and the liars grow closer in season 2 as they get more involved with A and the secrets that Ali has left behind.When Emily says this interesting line about wanting to continue to dig into Ali’s mystery, fans can tell that Emily isn’t going to stop until she finds out the truth. Emily’s tenacity and determination are two of her best personality traits, and Emily knows that while Ali can be mean, there’s a kind person inside of her who has been hidden for a long time.Every dark mystery needs some comedic relief and Hanna often makes a clever comment at just the right time, even if her partner Caleb Rivers or her best friends don’t think that she should be joking around at that moment.

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