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New Thor: Love and Thunder Synopsis Confirms Russell Crowe’s Role

It was reported last year after being spotted at a rugby match with other familiar actors that Russell Crowe was cast in a minor role in Thor Love and Thunder. Marvel Studios had hoped to surprise fans with Crowes role in the Ragnarok sequel but that obviously did not happen. It was only made worse when Crowe himself spoiled that he would be playing Zeus.

Considering Crowes prominence in the newest trailer and his reportedly minor role its likely that Zeus will be a victim of Christian Bales Gorr the God Butcher to help set the stakes for our heroes and shock audiences. A new synopsis for the trailer not only confirms once and for all, that Crowe is Zeus but also hints at the mystery of Gorr in this new sequel.Its obvious that Russell Crowes Zeus will bite it pretty early especially when Tessa Thompsons Valkyrie wields his lighting bolt against Gorr in the latest trailer. However the more exciting part of this synopsis is that to defeat Gorr heroes will have to uncover the mystery of the God Butcher.

It likely means that Love and Thunder will delve into Gorrs tragic backstory and why he hates the gods. But the group probably wants to learn more about the weapon Gorr possesses that allows him to slay gods with ease and whether it has any weaknesses.This coming on top of Crowes confirmation in the new synopsis should set up some thrilling plot developments as Thor Jane Valkyrie and Korg seek to learn more about the Gods long history in the cosmos. While there is still plenty of mystery surrounding Zeus place in the story Gorr is ready to unleash his own mayhem as he hunts down the universes most powerful beings.

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