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Netflix takes Marilyn Monroe to Venice: A closer look at ‘Blonde’, a biopic about the star

or many months, Spanish actress Ana de Armas has been posting pictures of Marilyn Monroe on her Instagram page. Captions of admirations were always the norm of a practice we believed to only be a hobbie. However, a new revelation has taken us by surprise as the actress is set to star in the late star’s biopic for a Venice Film Festival debut.As it turns out, Netflix has made an adults-only movie about the life of Marilyn Monroe, starring Ana de Armas. With ‘Blonde’ as the title, this film is set to explore the wild life of the first major sex symbol in the United States of America. For years, any depiction of the late actress tends to be quite tamed but Netflix has no restrictions.

According to numerous reports, this movie will have racy sex scenes but that’s not the most important aspect of it. Apparently, the film is set to explore Marilyn Monroe’s unique relationship with Jack and Bobby Kennedy. Directed by Andrew Donimik, this film is produced by Brad Pitt and it’s getting a score from Nick Cave.It will have a September premiere date and it is set to make a debut at the Venice Film Festival earlier in the year. Netflix is going the route of what they did with ‘Roma’ or ‘The Irishman’, this movie is also getting a limited release in theatres first and then it will start streaming on Netflix after it’s shown across the country.

‘Blonde’ is an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ 2000 bestseller that deals with the personal life of the legendary star. According to the New York Times, this story is ‘part-Gothic, part kaleidoscopic novel of ideas, part lurid celebrity potbioler’. Since 2010, director Dominik began working on this project non-stop and found Ana de Armas a while ago to play the role.However, the production was hit by the global pandemic and that’s why we are only now getting more info about this film. We can expect to get a slightly fictionalized version of Monroe, especially due to her involvement with the Kennedy family.

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