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My Hero Academia Season 6 Releases First OVA Images

My Hero Academia is months out from its comeback but the animes team has plenty to keep them busy until the fall. If you did not know season six will be headed up by two OVAs to get audiences in the mood for Izukus comeback. Now we have been given a first look at one of the specials and it previews one of the shows toothiest baddies yet.As you can see below the stills were released earlier today along with information on one of its villains. In fact part of the baddie can be found in these new stills but the images are focused primarily on Izukus internship group under Endeavor.

After all, one still shows Izuku and Shoto having an involved chat while Katsuki rages to the side. Another still showcases Shoto on the phone while another hones in on Izuku as he launches himself towards the villain Mr. Smileys back. And finally the fourth still shows Izuku bleeding from the head while he tucks his arms around his chest in laughter.Obviously Mr. s name is not just a joke. If Izuku is lashing off a head wound the baddie must have something to do with it so it could be his quirk works similarly to the one Ms. Joke wields.At this point fans are not sure when this exact OVA will go live but they do know more about My Hero Academias other special. After all Crunchyroll confirmed it will host a special premiere of the animes baseball centric OVA at Anime Expo next month. Fans can expect this second OVA to drop before season six launches and the main series is expected to make landfall this October.

What do you think of this first look at My Hero Academias new OVA? Are you excited for the anime to drop its sixth season? Dragons Blood will be coming back for a third season later this Summer and Netflix has shared the first look at what to expected from the new episodes coming in Season The animated take on the massively popular DOTA franchise from the studio behind Voltron Legendary Defender The Legend of Korra and most recently The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf first debuted last year. and surprisingly came back with its second season earlier this Winter. Now the series is gearing up for the premiere of its third season this August by picking up right where the second left off.

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