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MCU fans wonder why ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ has fallen out of favor

All of Marvel Studios Disney Plus series to date have their fans but one that does not tend to be talked about as the absolute best of the bunch so far is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Folks loved Anthony Mackies Sam Wilson finally stepping up as Captain America sure but the miniseries as a whole seems to have slipped out of the Marvel fandom hivemind almost completely. But just why has Falcon fallen so out of favor?

Thats the question one Redditor asked the Marvel Studios subreddit community. Despite it being the most discussed thought provoking and engaging series of the D why is FATWS rated so low? the user questioned. The post brought a range of responses from fans although looking at the comments it becomes clear that pretty much everyone agrees Falcon dropped the ball in one major area its villain.The show saw the titular duo face down Karli Morgenthau Erin Kellyman the leader of the super soldier serum-powered Flag Smashers. On paper Karli was a fascinating attempt to create a morally grey antagonist with sympathetic motives. On screen however for whatever reason she just fell flat.

Another pointed out that sadly any superhero show that decides to tackle race and other socio political issues is going to be dismissed as woke and pandering by a subset of fans.The pacing in its second half is another common complaint with certain viewers losing interest by the end.On the other hand some do not agree that Falcon was ever the most discussed Marvel show as the OP claimed with that honor arguably going to either WandaVision or Loki.SamCaps adventures are set to continue in Captain America 4 which will be penned by Falcon and the Winter Soldier writers Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson. Hopefully that movie will take the parts that did work about the Disney Plus series and fix the bits that did not.

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