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John Cena: If I Embodied ‘Ruthless Aggression’ In My Debut, I Would’ve Kicked Undertaker In The Nuts

John Cena watches his 20 year old WWE debut match back with 20/20 hindsight.

Twenty years ago John Cena debuted against Kurt Angle and while his debut match did not result in an rise to instant superstardom it laid the groundwork for what would become one of the most legendary WWE careers of the modern era. This year John Cena is celebrating 20 years of being a WWE Superstar and as part of the celebration is looking back on his debut match and reflecting on what he would do now with the benefit of hindsight.John Cena says he found out about his debut just hours before the show began taping and when reflecting on his first meeting with Vince McMahon someone that would become a father figure to him John recalled the very first sentence McMahon ever spoke to him Cut his fucking hair.

I mean look back on stuff like this and I definitely could have done better with the idea of ruthless aggression and been embodied that more rather than just wear boots and tights which is a rabbit hole we all find ourselves going down my look will identify my character which is a bit of it but its also demeanor and nuance and all said John. This is just a bunch of stuff. I do not mean to I guess the goal was to make me tired. Hows that a test of ones ability to sell tickets at a low price? You know its weird. Here we are. 20 years later I got an accidental match against the top performer and it was kind of like an inside joke to see if it would make me exhausted.

Much of John Cenas legacy today is tied to the polarizing reaction and the sheer amount of emotion he can make an audience feel. However back in 2002 John Cena debuted in front of a very apathetic audience in Chicago Illinois. Watching his debut in hindsight John Cena wishes he and Kurt Angle could have slowed down and found a way to make the audience care but instead he says that the match was a lot of fast moving action that all meant nothing.Truth be told this was not even a sentence spoken to John. Rather it was a sentence spoken about John and in his general direction but the words were spoken to Michael Hayes.

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