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Human Resources: What Will Happen in the Second Season of Big Mouth’s Spin-Off Series

Big Mouth’s spin-off series on Netflix, Human Resources, is growing into an incredible show of its own, with a recently greenlit second season.

In its five seasons, Big Mouth introduced multiple monsters that are anthropomorphized manifestations of human inner experiences, such as hormone monsters, the Shame wizard, the Anxiety Mosquito, and many more. Its spin-off series Human Resources offers a sort of behind-the-scenes look: an average day in a monster home office, unwinding in a bar after work, conferences and personal relationships.

Judging by the 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes and positive reception from critics, the show managed to win over a following even beyond the fans of its predecessor. On April 19, Netflix has greenlit a second season, which means that the lovable cast is definitely coming back. So which bonkers and undoubtedly grotesque adventures are waiting for the viewers in the continuation of the story?The finale of the Human Resources first season is a ‘Sh*tstorm.’ Literally: it’s the name of the episode. A huge storm devastates both the human and the monster worlds, causing a huge blackout at the Human Resources building. As the portals between the worlds stop working, some monsters find themselves stuck on Earth. Emmy and Rochelle are forced together, and they finally let it all out, a confrontation the audience has waited for the whole season.

Gavin, Pete, the Shame Wizard, Petra, Walter, and Dante form a group to fix the electrical supply. Gavin, one of the characters who was first introduced in Big Mouth, surprisingly got a great character arc. With a remarkable sincerity for a show like Human Resources, Gavin shows his bravery and pays a great price to save the world. His heroics are sort of a plot twist because it is usually expected of crass adult comedy to mock heroism.

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