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How Matrix Resurrections Changes The Other Movies: All Retcons & Reveals

The Matrix Resurrections brought the Matrix franchise back almost two decades later and it had to do some major retcons in order for it to work.

The Matrix franchise returned to the big screen in 2021 after almost 18 heres everything The Matrix Resurrections reveals and retcons about the previous films. While The Matrix Revolutions offered a solid ending to the saga The Matrixs impact on pop culture always suggested that another sequel or even a reboot could eventually happen. After several rumors including a brand new story featuring Michael B. Jordan as the lead, The Matrix 4 finally became a real project bringing brought Lana Wachowski back in the director’s chair and continuing the story of the first three films.

Considering that both The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Resurrections were far from being universally praised as the first movie mostly due to the several new and sometimes difficult to understand concepts such as the Architect and what the Oracle truly was The Matrix 4 was always going to be a difficult movie to pull of especially so many years after the original trilogy. As confusing and controversial as Neos story in The Matrix Revolutions was the films ending seemed to have to conclude the story once and for all. Therefore in order for The Matrix Resurrections to work a lot of The Matrix films retcons had to happen and new concepts had to be introduced.

Just the fact that Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss were reprising their roles as Neo and Trinity respectively was already enough to suggest that Matrix Resurrections would have to retcon the Matrix Revolutions ending. Not only that but in order for there to be any conflicts in the Matrix Resurrections plot the seemly peace achieved at the end of Matrix Revolutions with the truce between humanity and machines will have to end. From new rules inside the Matrix to Agent Smith not looking like Hugo Weaving, The Matrix Resurrections changes a lot from what audiences knew about the saga.

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