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How Dan Levy Seized A Major Opportunity With ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Dan Levy rose to fame in the midst of the pandemic when the world could not get enough of Schitts Creek a sitcom he co with his father comedy legend Eugene Levy. The show originally aired on CBC before NetflixNFLX helped it garner the attention and acclaim it deserved.

I spoke with Eugene in February who detailed how scared and anxious he was for his son in taking on Schitts Creek as an actor writer producer and sometimes director.So we started doing it together and at one point really in the early on days of this I kind of had a bit of a nightmare Eugene said earlier this year. I would wake up in a cold sweat thinking What if he does not have it? What if it turns out he does not have the talent to do something as demanding as a weekly television comedy? What do I do? Do I tell him that this is not going to work because you just do not have it? Or do we just continue working on this idea knowing nothing will come of it? And you think Sophie had a choice.

So I learned once we started getting into the work that wow he has really got some great chops for writing and that was reassuring, beyond reassuring. I thought Wow he really is a good writer as we are going through our pilot. And as an actor as a performer in it he really surprised me at how good he was at developing an amazingly interesting and funny character.Despite Eugene not voicing the extreme nature of his angst to Dan who had minimal experience working on a sitcom Daniel knew there was some anxiety from his father for his son. He also knew the best way to put him at ease was with a strong work ethic.

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