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Hamilton confirms he’s working with Brad Pitt on developing a Formula 1 movie

Earlier this week The Hollywood Reporter detailed Hamiltonarrangement with Apple TV+ and producer Pitt.

Before the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Hamilton confirmed that he has already begun working with the Hollywood star the F1 driver said he has taken a hands on approach to production.Its a really cool project said Hamilton with an excited laugh and we are already working on the script for example I am much involved in the script which is fun and spending good time with Brad which is pretty epic and really from my responsibilities and something that I take on is just making sure the cast and crew in the background is diverse something I really highlighted at the beginning.

Its been very difficult if you look at all the racing movies you can not necessarily say all the racing movies that have been in the past have been spectacular and thats something we want to change. Its really about showing how great this sport really is to people that have never watched it and also making sure that we keep the real heritage and the true racing spirit within the movie and within the script so thats part of my role.We are going to need drivers I am sure at one stage. What I think will be important is its not my movie its Formula 1s its for all of us so theres lots of people within the sport who are being a part of this helping educate those who are trying to create this so its going to include lots and lots of people and theres talk already of how we are going to capture the footage and its going to take us drivers to be involved in that.

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