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Disgusting comments on Camila Cabello’s bikini photos: Why we should finally stop commenting on bodies

Summer beach sea yes its bikini time. You would think we would put the body shaming of people in swimwear behind us. Recent comments on Camila Cabellos vacation photos make us realize the sad truth.

Summer time means vacation time. A visit to the outdoor pool a pool party or a beach holiday are imminent and the swimwear can finally be used again. Unfortunately for many people this triggers less euphoria than concerns. What does my body look like in these skimpy clothes and what effect does it have on others? Such negative thinking is supported by body shaming comments like the one I saw below an article showing Camila Cabello in pictures on vacation. What an outpouring of discriminatory comments about her body has accumulated there is not only and there is no other way to put it disgusting but it is also why we still struggle so much with accepting our bodies in this way how he is.

On a yacht off the coast of Capri she enjoyed the sun and her free time. And of course you wear a bikini on a boat. Camila Cabello opted for an orange triangle bikini which I would love to buy right away. The article contained countless images of the singer on the boat in the water unbelievable that she was photographed non-stop by paparazzi and who are now making a fortune from the bikini snaps.But the real shock followed when I read the comments below the article. More than 2,700 comments and the second was about her body is not a normal body this is a fat body and everyone knows it. Stop lying. I kept scrolling and quickly realized that almost every comment revolves around the singers appearance in her bikini. Her body was discussed from head to toe.

My butt has less cellulite than hers and I am 59 Women with such disgusting butts should not wear thongs. sad but true these comments were written under the singers pictures. The cellulite seemed to have triggered a lot of emotions in the viewer and I honestly asked myself why? The horror of a celebrity having cellulite is a joke in itself yes she has only human too shock. But the fact that cellulite has almost always been declared a blemish despite being a normal part of the female anatomy is actually something we should not be addressing at all anymore. Because: Almost every woman gets cellulite in the course of her life. More than 85 percent of all women over the age of 20 have them.

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