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Black Clover Drops a Huge Wizard King Twist, & it Changes Everything

Chapter 331 just changed the landscape of Black Clover forever after a big reveal about Julius right before going on a three month hiatus.The terrifying truth about the Wizard King Julius Novachrono in Black Clover not only proves that the Clover Kingdom has been living a lie for decades but reveals the whereabouts of the hidden Zogratis brother whose known siblings made up the Dark Triad.

Black Clover has always portrayed the Wizard King as a legendary figure who holds the future of the Clover Kingdom in his capable hands. In addition to representing the dreams of Asta and Yuno who strive to become the next Wizard King, the seats current holder Julius also serves as the personification of their desires. On a more personal level Julius has been Astas ultimate justification as a magic user. Even though he was accepted into the Black Bulls the fact that the ultimate mage and his biggest role the Wizard King respects believes in and ogles over his anti-magic means a great deal to Asta after having been shunned and ridiculed for most of his life as a result of being magicless. But unfortunately the latest chapter connects Julius with the fourth sibling of the so-called Dark Triad a group of evil brothers and sisters from the Zogratis family who served as the hosts of the strongest devils. Before now, the manga only hinted at his existence.

At the end of Black Clovers 331st chapter Julius is presented with information about a missing devil known as Astaroth. At first it is believed that the devil more twisted than Lucifero Megicula could have replaced this creature since she is not mentioned when this information was discovered. But theres a problem. Astaroth is the devil of time magic and the only other person in existence who possesses this same power is Julius. Upon hearing this Julius transforms into the fourth missing Zogratis family member Lucious Zogratis. The reason why this was brought to Julius attention undoubtedly derives from how two of the Zogratis family members hosted two of the three highest rulers of the underworld while the third hosted Megicula. They themselves possessed the same powers of those high rulers. Knowing this the informant connected the dots that Julius was a suspect and wanted to disprove that terrifying theory. Unfortunately for him his visit only confirmed what he dreaded.

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