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Better Call Saul’s Lack Of CGI Deaging Avoids A Big Character Problem

Although its a prequel to Breaking Bad Better Call Saul does not use CGI de aging like many other films and TV shows and its a wise decision.

Better Call Saul does not use any digital de aging VFX and for a show that prioritizes character drama above all else thats a wise decision. Better Call Sauls titular character first appeared on AMC s Breaking Bad in 2009 however Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill is still on screens thirteen years later. The gap between the two shows in the Breaking Bad universe is smaller with Breaking Bad set between 2008 and 2010 and its prequel Better Call Saul takes place between 2002 and 2004. Nonetheless some of Better Call Sauls main characters namely Jimmy Bob Odenkirk Mike Ehrmantraut Banks and Gus Fring Giancarlo Esposito do all look noticeably older in the prequel despite their characters being several years younger than when they first appeared on screens.

As such the use of digital de aging VFX for Better Call Saul characters was considered for the show but as producer Thomas Schnauz explained they do not have the time or money for that. -aging VFX has become somewhat of a staple in modern TV and movies especially with the current landscape s fondness for prequels. Despite the advancements in technology not all examples of de aging CGI have been met with universal acclaim. In Martin Scorseses The Irishman CGI transforms Al Pacino Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci into younger versions of themselves but while their faces looked believable the discrepancy between their blemish-free faces and older bodies was obvious.

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