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Anthony Hopkins Joins Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder Shares First Look Photo

Zack Snyders Rebel Moon has just added film legend Anthony Hopkins to the cast but who is the screen icon playing in the Netflix film?Anthony Hopkins has played many larger than life figures throughout his career from the powerful Odin to the intimidating Hannibal Lecter. So it makes perfect sense that he would eventually make his way to a Zack Snyder film. This has finally become the case with Snyders upcoming Netflix film Rebel Moon.

Hopkins has tons of acclaimed films under his belt and now he has officially joined the Rebel Moon production set to take part as the voice of a robot. This character named Jimmy is described as impossibly sentient JC1435 mechanized battle robot and one time defender of the slain King. So if there was any doubt as to just how sci fi the now two-part Rebel Moon was going to be the presence of a sentient robot probably guides those expectations quite well. Snyder himself also appears ecstatic about having Hopkins on board.Quoting a tweet from the official Netflix Geeked Twitter account Snyder decided to entice audiences even further with an imposing photo of Hopkins robotic character. Jimmy appears to sport a helmet laden with antlers along with a ratty cloak and walking stick. His or perhaps their look sets the tone for Rebel Moon which looks to be set in a Star Wars esque universe full of advanced technology that somehow always looks like its been banged up by neighborhood kids. Deadline first reported on Hopkins casting.

Rebel Moon follows Sofia Boutella as Kora a young woman with plenty of secrets. She gets sent out by her peaceful settlement to gather fighters from neighboring planets in order to fight back against the inevitable onslaught of the bloodthirsty Regent Balisarius and his armies. Its currently unknown whether Jimmy is one of those warriors or simply an observer of sorts. However the cast itself suggests some interesting characters with names like The Princess Brides Cary Elwes in an unknown role and Justice Leagues Ray Fisher as the pleasant-sounding Blood Axe.

After finally releasing Zack Snyders Justice League it looks as though Snyder has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance. He released Army of the Dead and Army of Thieves in that same year both receiving decent enough receptions in their own right and now Rebel Moon is set to be the first film released under the first-look deal made between Netflix and Snyders production company The Stone Quarry Productions. The premise of the new film almost sounds like something out of a mid-2000s low budget yet still enjoyable sci fi movie. But with Snyder and Netflix behind it maybe it can help usher in a resurgence of those types of space popcorn flicks.

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