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‘A Small Token Of Appreciation’: Halle Berry Surprises Her Fifth Grade Teacher

You know when you glance at someone and you are like now thats a good person because you can tell that their soul is kind? Well this is how we feel about Halle Berry.

The 55 year old American actress manages to have successful works that increase her popularity without forgetting to give back and be kind.If you loved Halle for her roles in Catwoman John Wick 3 X Men and Bruised then you will love her even more after you get to know whHalle Berry is an example of one of those actresses who must have frozen themselves in time during their 30s and made sure to stay that way as the years go by. She’s still looking as flawless as the time she won Best Actress in 2002 for her role in Monster’s Ball. The photo evidence speaks for itself as there is nothing stopping Halle Berry from showing off her ageless appearance in her perfect plunging jumpsuit.

The 55 old actress has been known for her badass roles that span from Swordfish all the way down to her directorial debut Bruised. Well Halle Berry continues to look badass in her latest Instagram post as she confidently flourished in her silver sparked jumpsuit. Her caption states Life ain’t always perfect but this damn jumpsuit is. Can not argue with that Hopefully theres a movie premiere or gala somewhere down the line where she can show off that jumpsuit outside of social media. Halle Berry has never been one to hide in the shadows about her gorgeous appearance. Her Instagram posts make us want to All hail Queen of Workouts pants free and all. She was even willing to relive her Catwoman days as she leisurely pounced in her prowling catsuit even if it was a movie that did not make her feel right. You can also notice in her latest photo that Halle Berry is also revealing her new silver haired bixie cut. Does not this look like another classic role of Berrys when she played a weather controlling mutant in X-Men? Maybe thats a hint for a little character revisit.

at she did for her teacher!

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