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God of War Kratos Cosplay Captures The Rage of Sparta

A God of War cosplayer accurately recreates Kratos complete with his iconic red tattoo Norse adventurer attire and unstoppable Spartan Rage. God of War cosplay recreates Kratos An impressive homemade God of War cosplay recreates Kratos the immortal Ghost of Sparta and his unstoppable Spartan Rage. The mythological action saga …

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Chicago Fire: Is Chief Hawkins going to get fired?

Violet Hanako Greensmith tried to warn him. She told Chief Hawkins Jimmy Nicholas that starting a Chicago Fire romance could be potentially disastrous for their careers but the chief insisted that everything would be fine. Well based on the end of the episode Hot and Fast things may not be …

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The Most Heartbreaking Moment From Chicago P.D. Season 6

The moment in question comes from Episode 9 of Season 6 titled Descent although the groundwork for the story is established in Episode 4 Ride Along. That episode sees Detective Antonio Dawson John Seda becoming addicted to the potent painkiller oxycodone. The addiction becomes allconsuming for Dawson and he begins …

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